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    Deep Cycle 12V 38AH

    Goods Type 6-GFM-39G

    Goods Special

    Deep Cycle Battery      Model:6-GFM-39G

    Capacity:39AH           Voltage:12V

    Product Features:

    1.Capacity range:33ah-225ah

    2.Voltage class:12V

    3.Long design life(25℃):10 years

    4.Low self-discharge rate:≤3% per month

    5. High sealed reaction efficiency:≥99%

    6.Compact structure and high specific energy

    7.Wide operation temperature: ﹣20℃ to 60℃

    8. Structure:compact design,shorter intermal connectors between cells,thus low

       internal reisistance

    9.Plate:pasted flat type

    10.Terminal:two or more type terminal are convenient for selection

    11.Vent system:gases can be vented through flame arrester

    12. Separator:using improved AGM separator,makes lower resistance higher  

        assembling pressure to increase deep cycle life

    13.Battery container:High stenthABS(UL94-HB) and UL 94-V0 is optional

    14.Terminal sealing:double sealing technice

    Compliant Standards:




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